Overview of my programs



Podcast explorer

AudioLibry 1.0

AudioLibry 'AudioLibry' is a free program for processing podcasts. More ...



File Management


FileList.exe '[rs] FileTime 3.0' is a free program for changing and restoring the date and time stamps of directories and files. More ...



FileList.exe '[rs] FileList 3.0' is a program for converting and saving the screen display of the file system (File Manager, Explorer) into a text format that can be edited and printed. More ...





PgnViewer 'PgnViewer 4.1' is a free program for the (graphical) presentation of chess databases, which are stored in the so-called pgn format. 'PGN' stands for 'portable game notation' - an international standard for the digital recording of chess games. More ...



Club-CD-Features 'Club-CD-Features' is a free software package for Windows, which was developed to provide chess club CDs or other chess club data media (USB stick) with appealing software. More ...




about experiences

  I have tested my programs under Windows 7 and 10. Some programs also run under Windows XP. They are marked accordingly.
  If one of my programs causes errors on your system, please send me a message to
i n f o @ d e n k s a a l . d e
with the most precise error description possible.
For the disclaimer see 'Legal Notice' below.


about uninstalling

  You can easily remove (delete) programs that you use without setup.
In addition, if you install programs with the available setups, an uninstall program is also provided and recorded in the WINDOWS registry.


about languages

  You can switch the language in all programs during runtime. A component of all downloads are multilingual help files with thematic and context-sensitive information.
The texts were translated from German. Please excuse mistakes in the translation if necessary.
This website is also available in other languages, see above!