PgnViewer Club-CD-Features 2.8

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'' is a free software package for Windows, which was developed to provide chess club CDs or other chess club data media (USB stick) with appealing software.

The software package includes

1. A start program

'Start.exe' offers the user, among other things, a selection menu for

viewing images on the disk
open Windows Explorer for the disk
visit the club homepage with the standard browser
starting the PGN-Viewer with a game database of the club

When calling the start program, a club logo can be displayed.


2. Initialization files: Start.ini ...

You can integrate various components in the start dialog: a club logo, the club homepage, pictures from the club etc. And you can offer the start dialog in different languages.

To do this you need to customize the files Start.ini, en_Start.ini, es_Start.ini and so on. These files are included as patterns with explanations in the software package, in three languages: German, English and Spanish.


3. A full version of PgnViewer 4.1,

which is executable without setup. The PgnViewer 4.1 has language modules in German, English and Spanish.


4. An autorun statement (AutoRun.inf),

with which you can assign an icon and a label to the volume. Both should be displayed in the Windows Explorer. The Start.exe is registered in the AutoRun.inf for execution. However, this auto-run option is generally not enabled by users.

How is it done?

1. Download the desired version(s)
2. Extract the ZIP file to a directory on the hard disk that will contain the directory tree containing all files that will later be copied to the disk or burned
3. Adapt Start.ini and AutoRun.inf, if necessary also for other languages (both are unformatted text files)
4. Add images, data, pgn files of the club
5. Test Start.exe!
6. Create disk / burn CD


The program requires at least Windows version 6 (Vista). XP is no longer supported.

More information and an overview of my programs can be found on my 'App-Sitemap'.

Legal Notice

For the disclaimer, the copyright and other conditions of use the information given in the 'Legal Notice' apply (see link below!)


Club-CD-Features for Windows (zip)


The texts were translated from German. Please excuse mistakes in the translation if necessary.