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AudioLibry AudioLibry 1.0

You can find the download link at the bottom of this page.

AudioLibry is a free program for accessing, searching, storing and inventorying podcasts.

With AudioLibry you can:

-"subscribe" to current podcast offers, so-called RSS feeds, from the Internet
-merge the RSS feeds from different sources
-filter podcasts, i.e. select them from all the collected feeds according to various criteria, eg: by date, by author and / or by various search terms
-load (stream) podcasts into your media player
-save podcasts locally
-You can use the downloaded podcasts to create your own RSS-feed-files and manage them with AudioLibry.
-You can export locally saved RSS feeds in HTML-file-format. This enables your audio library to be displayed in a browser.
-You can create compilations from your podcast collection, e.g. for saving on a USB stick or for later burning on a CD.


On the importance of RSS feeds

RSS feeds are one of the information sources on the Internet that meet elementary quality requirements:

1. RSS feeds identify their contributions with informations about publisher, authors, date and other data.
2.RSS feeds allow users to choose publications that they are interested in.
This sets them apart from information that is individually preselected or specifically designed for users.

RSS feeds for podcasts are lists (catalogs) of current audio files from a provider and their description with title, author, date, etc. These lists are standardized. You can find a representation of the RSS standard at for example

In order to be able to subscribe to an RSS feed, you must first look for the Internet address of the feed. RSS feeds have a file name that is identified with the extension .xml or .rss.
The names of individual podcasts have other endings, such as the widely used .mp3 (for files in the format of the same name ). RSS feeds are not audio files themselves, but offer lists of current audio files (podcast lists).

You can subscribe to RSS feeds on various radio stations. These broadcasters usually have special Internet pages for their podcasts , on which the addresses of the RSS feeds can also be found. Commercial feed readers are usually linked to this address. You can also copy the address manually in order to paste it into other applications.
Some broadcasters display the address directly for their RSS feeds. Others hide them behind a 'subscribe' button and / or allow access via 'direct link'. Here are three examples for the address of German RSS feeds:



Further information and an overview of my programs can be found on my 'App-Sitemap'.


Download links

AudioLibry for Windows (zip)

The minimum system requirement is Windows 'Vista'.
The current version has so far only been tested on Windows 10.

For the current version there is no setup program. If you have administrator rights, you can unzip the download and save it in the desired program directory. The link to the start menu must be done manually. Since no registry entry is made, you can simply delete the program and the link (including in the start menu) if you no longer want to use AudioLibry.
A help file is part of the zip program package.
AudioLibry.exe is a 32-bit program.


Legal Notice

For the disclaimer, the copyright and other conditions of use the information given in the 'Legal Notice' apply (see link below!)


The texts were translated from German. Please excuse mistakes in the translation if necessary.

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